CBS is having a tough year.

First there was the Reagan bio-pic controversy, then there is the firestorm ignited by the Janet Jackson boob incident which still continues. Next the network caved in to the protests of a couple Native Americans and apologized for Andre 3000’s Grammy performance.

Last night CBS aired disclaimers during Survivor warning if something potentially offensive. Funny thing is that due to the editing and pixilation it was sort of hard to tell what actually happened. Rori wonders there was more to the Richard Hatch/Sue Hawk “penis rub” incident that we where shown.

And now the upcoming sweeps mini-series remake of Helter Skelter is under the microscope. From the LA Times news service:

When conservatives raised a ruckus last year over The Reagans, CBS ended up dumping the TV movie about the former first family. Then Janet Jackson’s impromptu strip during CBS’ Super Bowl halftime show reignited a national debate about broadcast indecency.

Now the network finds itself with another potentially troublesome project, this one involving mass murderer Charles Manson.

One of CBS’ main events for the critical May ratings sweep is Helter Skelter, a new three-hour adaptation of former Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Vincent Bugliosi’s best seller about the 1969 Manson murders. But with CBS seemingly always in the media hot seat, Chairman and Chief Executive Leslie Moonves is evidently taking no chances that the Manson film will become the latest flap for his network, which nevertheless remains the nation’s most-watched broadcaster and has enjoyed a strong season so far.Perhaps they should just give the story a happy ending.


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