Sex And Student Newspapers

Kids used to learn about sex in college. What point is there in having a student run college newspapers (targeted at college students) if school administrators are going to freak out every time mature subject matter is covered?

PHOENIX (AP) – Top administrators at Northern Arizona University will meet with the school’s publication board next week to discuss a controversial sex column that appeared in the student newspaper.

Student writer Claire Fuller authored a Feb. 12 column for The Lumberjack that offered a graphic “how to” guide on performing a sex act.

“I was appalled by the content of that article,” said NAU Provost Liz Grobsmith, who said she would attend the March 5 meeting of the publication board. “It wasn’t considered that a lot of people who read the paper are young and minors, and this is very inappropriate content.”

She said the university president’s office received many calls from people “deeply offended” by the article.Decide for yourself, read the article in question. My take is that it’s not very well done, but it’s hardly obscene. It’s Cosmo column knockoff material.

It’s not like this author just started graphically covering sexuality out of the blue; see a previous article on in her “Something to think about” series.

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