Breath Deep

Everyone’s panties are in a wad about Bush’s call for a constitutional amendment defining marriage as that between a man and a woman. Didn’t everyone have to take a course in high school on U.S. History and Government?

Amending the Constitution is as American as apple pie. The argument that we’ve never amended the constitution to take rights away from people is a canard. Look up the 18th Amendment; better known as Prohibition. That amendment was repealed by the 21st Amendment proving that even amending the Constitution is not a permanent action.

Those who say that the president is imposing anything on the country with an announcement that he would support an amendment really need to stop and study the process. The president is mostly irrelevant to the process. Where usually he would sign a bill into law, in the case of an amendment he is not involved at all. The president is limited to cheerleading and using the proverbial “bully pulpit.”

Eugene Volokh has an excellent overview of the amendment process and some of the lesser known provisions of the law.

A good debate on Bush’s announcement is occurring in the comment section at Roger L. Simon‘s blog.

P.S. – Anyone remember the Equal Rights Amendment? That looked like a winner too at one point. It never passed.

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