Earning Your Grade

This professor must be as old as the hills…

MARS HILL, N.C. (UPI) – A professor resigned from Mars Hill College in North Carolina after a student accepted his challenge to disrobe in exchange for an A in sociology.

The instructor’s challenge was intended to illustrate public nudity is unacceptable in American society. He had not actually expected any students to take him up on his offer, the Asheville Citizen-Times reported Thursday.

The professor has tenure and is eligible for retirement benefits, which he has chosen to accept. The professor apologized in an e-mail to students in the class.

The student will not be punished because the incident would not have occurred if the teacher hadn’t issued the challenge. However, the student will not receive an A.Kids today will drop trow for no reason. Still the guy or girl who accepted the challenge deserves their promised reward. What kind of lesson does not honoring the instructors commitment teach our youngsters? It teaches them that when you’re in a position of authority you don’t have to honor your commitments. The students self esteem might suffer…

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