Mo Money

Alex Rodriguez, baseball’s highest paid player, is set to be traded to the New York Yankees.

NEW YORK (AP) – Alex Rodriguez was just a day or two away from joining the New York Yankees in a stunning trade that will surely rank as one of the biggest in baseball history.

The American League champions and the Texas Rangers agreed Saturday to the outline of a deal that would send A-Rod to the Bronx for second baseman Alfonso Soriano and a player to be named, three high-ranking baseball officials said. I guess your perspective on this deal depends upon where you sit.

Ying or Yang

Is it possible that the Yankees might spend close to one quarter of a billion dollars in payroll this year and not win their division? We will find out – thought I wouldn’t bet against it.

Every time I think of A-Rod and his 10 year, $252 million dollar contract I’m reminded of a line from Barbarians At The Gate, “That’s not fuck you money, that’s fuck everybody money.”

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