Paris Hilton – Uncut

Via the New York Post – Page Six comes this tidbit:

While the world saw only a grainy four-minute clip of the raunchy romp between Hilton and Rick Solomon a few months back, the sexstravaganza hit the Internet yesterday in its full-length glory. The 37-minute video – downloadable for $50 – features not only the shadowy green night-vision performance that’s become so infamous, but also well-lighted, full-color scenes that prove Hilton is the hardest working woman in show business.

What? You mean we haven’t seen the good stuff yet? Page Six editors were played movie critic:

Our favorite bit is a bathroom conversation as Paris – in bra, panties, and thigh-high, stiletto-heeled boots – is preparing for an evening on the town. “Are you gonna make me go to some stupid club?” asks Solomon. “Yes,” Paris giggles. “It’s Wednesday – it’s the Standard.” Her frustrated boy-toy replies, “We can’t just stay in and you [bleep] my [bleep]?” Paris yelps “Eww!” and warns Solomon, “Don’t talk to me like an animal!” Her protest doesn’t last long.

Fire up Kazaa!

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The full length video, available for the absurd price of $50 for 5 days viewing, is You can download the digitally encoded Windows Media file here, but you’ll have to pay to watch it – unless of course you can figure out a way to crack the DRM.

Update: Some our top minds are on the case here and here. Forum members are posting the movie in the alt.binaries.multimedia.nude.celebrities newsgroup.

Update 2: Web accessible versions available here and here.

In case you’re skeptical, here is a screen capture from the film:

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