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Maybe you remember the Far Side cartoon, Hopeful Parents?

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Turns out Gary Larson was right… – A few years ago, Johnathan Wendel was just another kid in high school with a yen for playing fast-paced computer games such as “Quake III.”

Nowadays, the 22-year-old is drawing the attention of MTV documentarians, courting endorsements from major chipmakers and launching his own PC line, all based on those same “Quake” skills.

By most standards, Wendel, better-known as Fatal1ty, is the top star on the burgeoning tournament gaming scene, in which computer gaming buffs compete head-to-head in shooting games such as “Quake” and “Unreal Tournament,” gunning for fame and five-digit prize packages.Read the whole thing, like where he compares himself to Michael Jordan…

Maybe the day is coming in the not too distant future that all sports and activities will be played via VR simulation. Doughy kids can work off their energy with a joystick as opposed to engaging in the actual activity. We wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt (or sweaty)…

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