How Are We Living?

All of should be dead. Seriously. If child safety standards and state laws are any guideline we’ve all beat the odds to make it this far.

  • Our mothers smoked, drank, and cussed while they were pregnant.
  • The back of the station wagon was our car seat.
  • We slept on our stomach; if that’s what it took to stop our crying.
  • We walked or rode our bikes to school.
  • We skateboarded without helmets and pads.
  • We rode a bike without a helmet.
  • Our beds didn’t have side rails, and many of us slept in bunk-beds.
  • We didn’t wear seat belts.
  • Our cars didn’t have airbags.
  • Our houses weren’t childproofed.

I’ve been through the child proofing phase and I’d say the score is Babies 1, Safety Products 0. Toilet, oven, and refrigerator straps didn’t last more that 10 minutes before they were rendered useless. Doorknob protectors – 30 seconds after I put the first one on I watched one of my 2 year old boys open that door in less than 10 seconds.

Tonights adventure was big boy bed guard rails. I give them 2 nights tops… After that falling out of bed will have to be something we chalk up to a learning experience.

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