If you haven’t seen Radio (2003) go, go now and rent the movie.
Cuba Gooding Jr. gives the performance of his acting career in this movie. He does such the great job, you see the character of a mentally challenged man and not Cuba Gooding Jr playing one.
Ed Harris plays the high school football coach who be-friends Radio. I think, this is the one time I really liked Ed Harris role. Debra Winger plays the wife to the football coach. She looks good. Alfre Woodard plays the high school principle and just wow.

Without giving too much away let me tell you about the movie.
# It is based upon a true story of a mentally challenged man and a high school coach who takes him under his wing. It’s not really about high school sports.
# It’s about human interaction, righting wrongs and doing something about it.
# It’s about if you give a person a chance they might surprise you and might just learn from even a mentally challenged person.
# This is not a “chick flick” this movie has something for everyone.
# It was very heart warming to learn about this true story and how one man decided to stop ignoring another and change the minds of an entire town in the process. The characters are well developed and well played, even believable and relateble.
# This is a type of movie that will stick with you for a long time and would watch more than once just for the great performances by the actors.

Go! go get the movie and buy your pop-corn for tonight. You will not be disappointed.

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