Grid Computing and Compassionate Conservatism is a single destination site for large-scale research projects
powered by the United Devices grid computing solution, Grid MP Global.
If you’ve ever used the [email protected] screensaver, then you know how this
works. Your spare CPU cycles are used to run tasks for the projects that is currently working on.

From the Cancer Research Project sponsored by Intel and the University of
Oxford to the Anthrax Research Project sponsored by Intel and Microsoft, the
Grid MP Global @ has been put to use for research and analysis
projects of groundbreaking scope.

I found a group of Democrats on there, but couldn’t find a group of
Republicans–so I decided to START one. If you’d like to help in this
project, go to Grid.Org and signup.

Once you have your account established and the software installed, go to
the page for the Republican Party and cli
ck “Join This Team”.

Disclaimer: Not officially affiliated with the Republican Party. Just
a neat idea from a Party member.

Nobel Gets One Right
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