A Giant Triumph

Congratulation to Michele Catalano on three years of blogging. Here’s some stuff about Michele you may not know (from an online chat of ours):

Michele: Did you know I’m an android?
Kevin: Really?
Michele: Yes, how do you think I’m able to churn out post after amazing post?
Kevin: Hmm. I never really considered that, but now that you mention it, it makes sense. I guess that “bite my shinny metal ass” line is more accurate than your readers know…
Michele: Absolutely. It’s not actually metal though – my ass that is. It’s cybernetic.
Kevin: But of course. So how exactly does your not being human help you as a blogger?
Michele: Super human, comic book like powers come in handy. I can whip out a perfect 1000 word post in 15 seconds. I also have the whole Library of Congress in my memory banks.
Kevin: So you don’t labor over you writing for hours on end?
Michele: Hell no. I spend most of my time teleporting around the universe. That and writing a lot of other anonymous blogs.
Kevin: Really?
Michele: Oh yes – any anonymous blog – I write it.
Kevin: Like Allah or Atrios?
Michele: Yep, guilty on both counts. I really don’t like to talk about that though. Actually I’d rather talk about food. I’m hungry.
Kevin: Yeah, it’s almost dinner time. What are you in the mood for?
Michele: Children.
Kevin: Err.. What?
Michele: Kids, I love kids.
Kevin: Ah, yes – who doesn’t love kids…
Michele: No, I mean I love kids for dinner. Can I eat yours?
Kevin: No.

See, all your questions about Michele were answered. Congratulations to Michele, we are all your servants!

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