Make Up Your Mind Larry

Some of you may have seen the AP article on blogs from earlier in the week. One quote stuck out:

Larry Purpuro, coordinator of the Republicans’ e.GOP Project in 2000, said many bloggers were little more than “armchair analysts in their bathrobes (with) no serious interest in leaving their living rooms to actually help the campaigns.”

Great soundbyte, but this guy is singing a new tune. Four years a ago he had this to say in The Industry Standard:

As the Republican National Committee’s “technology czar,” Purpuro is responsible for developing the party’s Internet strategy and implementing technology to help raise funds and mobilize voters.

What I like most about my job: Watching technology transform political campaigns.

What keeps me up at night: Wondering whether we’re moving fast enough. In politics, it seems like we’re 10 years behind the private sector. I worry we’re not going to have the tools to be effective.

Future role of the Net in politics: I don’t see an element in politics that won’t be radically changed by the Internet in five years. It will change the way information is disseminated and the way the electorate and the candidates communicate.And two years ago he was singing the praises of spam e-mail as a campaign tool in this Silicon article. The tag line to that article is telling…

Larry Purpuro [is] president of a political e-marketing firm.

Candidate blogs and bloggers cost him business, hence the vapid quote.

Update: Pejman Yousefzadeh on blogs in politics. (Via Glenn Reynolds)

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