Howard Kurtz – Media Blogger?

Seems that the complaints about the lack of permanent links (permalinks) in Howard Kurtz’s Media Notes Extra column at the Washington Post have been answered. See for yourself. The Post should really advertise Media Notes Extra as a blog. It’s updated frequently, has archives and permalinks, ergo it’s basically a big media blog. For a couple bucks a day they can buy a BlogAd right here at Wizbang, or a host of other influencial sites.

As an added bonus, I found that if you manipulate the URL string in the More Stories link you can build yourself a dynamic index list of the Media Notes Archives. That link will always have the 20 most recent entries. I’ve confirmed that this works, as a new post came out while I was writing this.

Perhaps the web editors at the Post could add this link to the Media Notes Extra sidebar? It’s a hell of a lot better than the Archive link they have there now.

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