Paris Hilton, Worst Dressed?

Mr. Blackwell picks Internet porn star and heiress Paris Hilton as his worst dressed celebrity of the year.

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Mr. Blackwell, chronicler of clothing catastrophes, poked fun at socialite-reality TV star Paris Hilton Tuesday for committing the worst fashion follies of the past year.

The acid-tongued critic and former fashion designer has been ailing in recent years, preventing him from reading his 44th annual list aloud to the press.

But in an exclusive interview, Blackwell told AP Radio in Washington: “Paris came up shining with a big spotlight saying, ‘Pick me!’ She was just the most natural contender to make No. 1 this year.”I’m pretty sure she’s not saying pick me in her infamous video; but I can see how the old geezer might confuse “f*** me” with “pick me”. Also she’s really the least dressed celebrity of the year, not the worst.

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