The O'Neil Files

I haven’t paid too much attention to the upcoming book by former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neil. The damning allegations seem to boil down to two main points.

1) Planning for a war in Iraq predated the 9/11 attacks. Powerline has done a pretty good job of debunking this myth. Also somewhere in my reads I noted that someone indicating that the Bush I and Clinton administrations both explicitly had the same plans. InstaPundit has the closest quote I could find here.

2) The Bush didn’t speak up in meetings. Have you ever been to a government meeting? It’s usually the best place to catch up on your sleep. Of course that may explain quite a few things…

So Bush sleeps through meetings while Rove turns him into JFK-lite and O’Neil knows how to steal governmenet documents before he exits a job. Sounds like a sitcom plot…

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