They're Just Words

The American Dialect Society has finalized it’s 2003 Words of the Year, based on votes from actual linguists.

Sadly a personal favorite, “asshat”, came in third in the most useful new word of phrase category. Don’t even get me started about the category winners…

Hat Tip: Gawker

Speaking of rigged elections and asshats, nominations for the 2004 Bloggies are open. As for nominating Wizbang, feel free, but it’s almost a 100% lock the next few paragraphs will keep me out of contention, since the vetting process is done in secret.

The word Bloggie is not trademarked (I checked). Neither are the words 2003 Weblog Awards, a generic term, but one that I made up. In case you’re wondering I did check around first. Imagine my surprise yesterday when I found that my name was magically added to the text of last years Bloggie Awards at the Fairvue site (as well as 2002 and 2001). The words 2003 Weblog Awards were not on the Fairvue site in November 2003 – I checked before I announced the 2003 Weblog Awards. Since there is a robot.text file blocking caching of the pages at Fairvue you’ll have to check the Google links below and note that the term 2003 Weblog Awards (or 2002 Weblog Awards and 2001 Weblog Awards) are missing from the summaries of the Fairvue pages. The only possible reason I can figure is that Nikolai is trying to beef up their Google rating.

So in case it’s not clear: Bite Me Nikolai; I don’t care how long you’ve been doing this. Did I call my awards Bloggies? No, I had a little respect for the work of others. Pity you’re trying to revise history now to capitalize on the work I did last month. Changing the name of your awards after the fact (including a word for word copy of my opening sentence) is bush league. I’m the first to admit that the term 2003 Weblog Awards is pretty generic, but the fact is you were not using it last year, and to revise history and pretend you were is dishonest.

Google searches: 2003 Weblog Awards, 2002 Weblog Awards, 2001Weblog Awards

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