Lies, Damn Lies, And Statistics

“Your honor the defense would like to submit into evidence Joe’s excuse note from his mommy for not doing his homework…”

MODESTO, Calif. (AP) – A survey a judge cited in his decision to move Scott Peterson’s capital murder trial out of Modesto contained made-up information, criminal justice students who conducted the survey told a newspaper. The 10-county survey suggested that more jurors without bias could be found in the San Francisco Bay area or Southern California than in Stanislaus County, which includes Modesto, home town of Peterson’s slain wife, Laci.

But several of the California State University, Stanislaus students who compiled the report told The Modesto Bee they used a lot of fake information because it had been too hard to gather all the data properly. The students requested anonymity, the paper said.

“We falsified the info,” a 20-year-old criminal justice student said. “The stuff we submitted wasn’t true.”

The Stanislaus County district attorney, James Brazelton, said that his office wants to talk to the students to confirm the allegations, and asked them to call him.I bet the DA wants to talk to them! He probably wants to dig up some law to charge them under as well.

These are our criminal justice students? It seems we can rest assured the future of law enforcement and the bar are in good hands…

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