Tin Foil Apartment Brigade

No the title is not a reference to Dennis Kucinich’s bachelor pad in DC, but to a particularly cruel prank among friends.

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) – What kind of friends coat your apartment – and nearly everything in it – with tinfoil while you’re away? Here’s a hint: One of the only objects that escaped the shiny treatment was a book titled “Cruel Tricks for Dear Friends.”

Chris Kirk found his downtown Olympia apartment encased in aluminum foil when he returned home Monday night from a trip to Los Angeles. The walls, ceiling, cabinets and everything in between shimmered, after the prank orchestrated by Kirk’s longtime friend, Luke Trerice, 26, who was staying in the apartment while Kirk was away. “He’s known for large-scale strangeness,” Kirk, 33, told The Olympian. “He warned me that he would be able to touch my stuff, but it didn’t sound so bad.”

Trerice, who lives in Las Vegas, and a small group of friends draped the apartment with about 4,000 square feet of aluminum foil, which cost about $100. Not surprisingly, the idea was hatched on New Year’s Eve. No truth to the rumor that Britney was involved, although she’s making a bid to become the patron saint of harebrained alcohol fueled ideas.

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