Peterson Case Moving

It’s January 8th and I’m already tired of seeing Mark Geragos’ mug on TV. It’s going to be a long weird year…

MODESTO, Calif. (AP) – A judge ruled Thursday that accused murderer Scott Peterson can’t get a fair jury in his dead wife’s hometown and ordered the case moved out of Stanislaus County.

Prosecutors argued that news coverage of the case, which captured the nation’s attention after a pregnant Laci Peterson disappeared on Christmas Eve 2002, is so widespread that moving the trial would be pointless.

Defense lawyer Mark Geragos said in court papers that Peterson has been demonized and that the prosecution’s argument “can be boiled down to the old adage, ‘Sure we can give him a fair trial, then we will take him out and hang him.'”How about we take him out and hang him first, then give him a fair trial?

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