Interstate Fender Bender

Outside The Beltway has the Beltway Traffic Jam, a daily compendium of interesting links. While I figure out a sideblog implementation like Anil Dash’s Daily Links here are a few of my more esoteric reads from today.

  • utter wonder features Cliff Notes for the February edition of Redbook. Who knew?

  • You Big Mouth, You wonders why if freedom and economic growth are good for you and I, why not everyone (i.e. Mexican immigrants)?

  • Michele would like you to kill the nut job who killed 4 members of his extended family and has kidnapped his 2 daughters and a former step daughter if you see him. Do it for the kids.

  • Jay has some Vegas photos. I was hoping that Jay and Deb were the couple who pocketed 100K for pictures of Britney getting her wedding license, since they were all in Vegas for a wedding at the same time. Coincidence? I think not…

  • Mog saw cats doing it and it made her day…

  • Morgan offers sage advice to prevent funbags from turning into sandbags.

Killer/Kidnapper Caught, Shoots Self In The Face
Job Search Update