Count me in the camp that thinks such over the top comparisons will do more harm to Democrats than to President Bush. It’s not a secret that one of the judges at the moveon.org sponsored competition (Michael Moore) hates George Bush with a passion.

The vast majority of the electorate that is paying no attention to the race will be interested in seeing if the Democratic nominee (whoever that may be) repudiates these kinds of ads. For some this may involved some serious verbal gymnastics.

The ads are already being saved to the RNC website for posterity. Expect to see them used to paint the Democrats, and particularly Gov. Dean, as an extremists. Given the history of love between Dean and MoveOn.org expect fellow Democrats to start hammering him for these ads this week, even though he has nothing to do with them. The other candidates are deperate…

I for one hope one of these wins the competition and airs during the Super Bowl. Goodness knows were going to see enough of it in a caption box in Republican ads.

Here are the current Bush=Hitler ads:

Ad 1
Ad 2

Michele thinks the Bush=Hitler idea has jumped the shark.

Update: MoveOn.org is trying to distance itself from the spots, created by participants in its contest, and approved as entries by MoveOn.org. The RNC answers back. Given the climate of partisanship and Bush loathing on the far left it’s disingenuous for them to deny responsibly for the creation of these ads. They got what they asked for. Since it wasn’t produced by MoveOn.org they have the easy out of saying “it wasn’t us”.

Michael Moore (and presumably MoveOn.org) would like to hold gun manufacturers responsible for crimes committed with guns. Anyone else see the dichotomy in the two stances?

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