Britney Marries George Costanza

Wasn’t she just saying that Christina Aguilera was “scary“?

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Pop star Britney Spears marched down the aisle in Las Vegas on Saturday, marrying a childhood friend from Louisiana, according to news reports.

The 22-year-old diva married Jason Allen Alexander early Saturday at the Little White Wedding Chapel on the Strip, according to, the online arm of the Time Warner publication. He is from Kentwood, La., it said.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported on its Web site that Spears and Alexander, 22, were granted a marriage license, citing an affidavit of Application for Marriage License filed Jan. 3.And in case you don’t believe it here is a link to the application for a marrige license.

People magazine claims it was the idea was hatched after a night of partying, which seems to be when all the really good stuff happens for Britney gawkers. Britney’s camp claims it was a joke that went too far and she’s planning an annulment. Of course that hasn’t stopped her from showing the video taped ceremony to friends. The new Mr. Britney he should get himself a divorce lawyer – fast.

Also there’s video evidence of the wedding, which could turn into a Entertainment Tonight/Access Hollywood battle to the death to see who airs the footage first. This may be the best reality TV show of the new year…

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