Finishing The Year With A Bang

JP Carter from Evangelical Outpost pointed out a site called BlogRunner that rates the most influential reporters and bloggers on the web. Professor Bainbridge and Doctor Joyner both noted the listing today. Here’s the Top Ten listing for 12/31/2003:

001. Glenn Reynolds [snapshot]
002. Kevin Drum Calpundit [snapshot]
003. Andrew Sullivan – Daily Dish.. [snapshot]
004. Michele A Small Victory [snapshot]
005. Matt Yglesias Matthew Yglesias [snapshot]
006. Joshua Micah Marshall Talking Points Memo [snapshot]
007. Kevin Wizbang [snapshot]
008. Atrios Eschaton [snapshot]
009. Eugene Volokh The Volokh Conspiracy [snapshot]
010. David Brooks The New York Times [snapshot]

All I can say is that I am printing that out and framing it.

It’s also going in my blogging book proposal… I think I may have talked myself into writing a blogging book this afternoon. 2004 should be an interesting year here at Wizbang.

And remember Wizbang is the only site in the top 10 that pretty much guarantees you a link. If you blogroll Wizbang you’ll be added to the reciprocal blogroll. Since the search function is offline it’s much harder for me to find blogroll links to Wizbang. I’ve you’ve linked and are not listed, drop me a note…

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