The Curse Of Danny Wuerffel

Steve Spurrier walks away from $15 million dollars over the next three years because he lost the inane power strugle over the cutting of rag-armed Danny Wuerffel as one of his quarterbacks.

WASHINGTON (AP) – Steve Spurrier resigned as coach of the Washington Redskins on Tuesday, ending a failed attempt to bring his Fun ‘n’ Gun offense to the NFL.

The resignation came after two hours of confusion during which Spurrier told a newspaper he didn’t quit – after the team announced that he had. Spurrier was not aware that final details already were worked out between his agent and the team.

“We had a little miscommunication there,” Spurrier told The Associated Press by telephone from Florida.Now I know there is a Google bombing battle raging over the term miserable failure, but Spurrier beats both Bush and Carter. Anyone who thinks Danny Wuerffel is an NFL caliber quarterback should not be an NFL head coach.

More on the story at SportsBlog,and from James Joyner and Oliver Willis.

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