Bonfire Of The Vanities – Week 26

The Bonfire Of The Vanities is now a traveling show. Next weeks edition will be at Boots And Sabers. Entries should still be sent to bonfire at The upcoming Bonfire schedule and signup information is listed here.

Bonfire of the Vanities

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On with the Bonfire…

New Crap
  • Josh has the rest of us figured out, we’re all greeting card company pod people.

  • Elliot is NOT a guest blogger at IMAO. Here’s the proof.

  • Lair has some thoughts on giving to the disaster relief effort in Iran. For this he has been beaten about the head and shoulders throughout the blogosphere. Well not at the Bonfire, we welcome that which annoys others. Usually we just welcome that which bores others to tears, but we’ve made an exception in this case…

  • Susie sums up 6 months worth of Bonfire entries in one post

  • Kiril blogs a bike ride. We need to take up a collection effort to get him some cable TV.

  • Owen picked his own all star Bonfire entry, and he picked well. Never has so much time been wasted, by so few, for such a boring post.

  • Andrew picked his all star Bonfire entry as well where he wonders about proper wine choosing etiquette for cannibals. The Bonfire recomends You serve favre beans and a nice Chianti…

  • Jim share his latent homosexual tree trimming fantasies, not that there’s anything wrong with it…

  • Bryan waxes poetic about bouncy and jigglier times gone by.

We’re just getting started with the suckiness. As Warner Wolf use to say, “Let’s go to the videotape” and rehash some of the low-lights of previous Bonfires…

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Old Crap

  • Trey is doing his impression of the crazy homeless preacher.

  • Kin is talking about hard wood floors; Jen‘s d

    Prevent Blank Blog

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