And That's The Rest Of The Story…

Neb. Woman Ticketed for Being Nude on Net

Why do papers bother printing stories with titles like this without giving you the full story? Is it because they know that I will? Anyway, here is the full story on the latest girl gone wild/police go nuts story…

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) – It may be legal to appear naked in cyberspace, but police ticketed a Lincoln woman for posting nude pictures of herself on the Web that were taken in a downtown bar.

Melissa J. Harrington, 21, was ticketed Monday for violating Lincoln’s public nudity ordinance by posting pictures on her Web site “showing her naked at one of our downtown bars and in several other locations around the city,” Police Chief Tom Casady said.

“It’s unlawful to be naked in public in Lincoln,” he said.

Harrington, who works as a Web designer at a local Bank, says on her Web site that she likes “being naked in public … even more when there’s a lot of people there to watch.”

“They’re not going to stop me from doing what I’m doing. I enjoy what I do and they really don’t have any grounds” to prosecute the case, she said.

[…]Casady said it is obvious that the photos were taken inside the Marz Intergalactic Shrimp and Martini Bar.And now the rest of the story…

You’ve got to hand it to Barney Fife for the crackerjack investigative work he managed to do. From the 11/24/2003 entry at (Not work safe):

Some of my friends and I went out drinking the other night… started out our night over at Marz bar… we all ended up having a few too many martini’s… and next thing you know, We’re getting naked and having some fun… got a little bit too crazy and had to leave…

Here is the picture that got her ticketed (Not work safe). Actually it could be this one, or maybe even this one (Not work safe).

And that’s the rest of the story…

Update: BigWig asks much the same question, where was the URL to the site in question? I posted this right after the story hit the Yahoo! AP News wire and had the find her site the old fashion way, by snooping around. It appears that some versions of the story had her URL which many news sites have edited out of the story.

It turns out the Marz bar owner is the one who notified police…

The owner of the bar, Jerry Luth, told Omaha television station KETV he is extremely upset by the pictures and did not give Harrington permission to shoot the pictures at the bar.

“I’m the one who called police to complain about the nude pictures,” said Luth.And finally this seems to be exactly what the young lady desires, as this quote from her site illustrates…

I hope you enjoy my site, Thank you Howard Stern in advance for having me on your show.

More power to her if she can make that happen. I suspect she’ll be appearing on the Howard Stern show very soon…

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