Missing The Point

Jeff Jarvis offers a good tip in regards to Glenn Reynolds complaint about the Hartford Courant, but to my viewpoint it’s not totally relevant as a blogger. I can use my username/password or one that is passed around via other sites, but what’s the point? If I link to a news story I want any reader to be able to go directly to the article without being mousetrapped or lead off into registration hell.

Collectively we can stuff a nut up the nose of the geniuses who devise these intrusive registration systems by NEVER linking to any of their content. Here are sites that I refuse to link to because of their intrusive registration policies:

Dallas Morning New
Los Angeles Times

The reason I don’t link to their content is because there are other sites with the same material. Most Times articles are available at other Times Mirror web sites like The Arizona Republic The only exception I make is linking to content on the New York Times where registration is required. I try to link sparingly to NYT material and always use an different source if one is available.

All of the geniuses who run these stupid systems should be required to visit the UK Telegraph site where unregistered users can read one articles before they get asked to join. I’ve got no problem linking to their material, since I know you’ll be able to read it directly. At least they have the courtesy of allowing you a look before assaulting you with registration.

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