Get Your Own "Major Award"

Entrepreneurs get kick out of leg lamps.  Zack Ward, a cast member from A Christmas Story, poses with a leg lamp featured in the film. Ann Johaansson/APLOS ANGELES – A couple from Naperville, Ill., has taken a prop from the classic 1983 film “A Christmas Story” and turned it into a profitable online business.

Specifically, it’s the infamous lamp shaped like a woman’s leg that Rob Golden has been selling over the Internet. In the film, the lamp was a “major award” won by Mr. Parker (Darren McGavin). It was despised and eventually destroyed by his wife (Melinda Dillon).

Golden, an automobile reconditioning specialist, first discovered a poor knockoff of the shapely lamp for sale on eBay and paid $100 for it so that his wife could display it at the novelty shop she runs.

“We put it in the store window to get attention,” Golden said. “It was hysterical. People came in quoting lines from the movie.”

That’s when Golden decided to get into e-commerce, building the lamps and selling them at

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