How To Get Fired Because Of Your Blog

A blogger named Brooklynbacon has been identified as and NYPD officer and is now facing an Internal Affairs investigation.

Newsday – Police Commissioner Ray Kelly yesterday confirmed a Newsday report that Internal Affairs is investigating whether a Brooklyn police officer posted Internet messages that boasted of brutality and bogus tickets.

“An investigation is being conducted,” Kelly said at a promotion ceremony yesterday at Police Headquarters. “The investigation began about a week ago. I don’t have any results of the investigation, but it’s ongoing.”

Newsday reported yesterday that someone identifying himself as a patrol cop from the 75th Precinct in East New York used the screen-name Brooklynbacon on, a community Web site, and bragged about beating suspects and cooking up tickets to meet an understood quota. He also wrote that he ignored civilian calls to his precinct.

A police source yesterday identified the officer as Kenneth Avila, a two-year veteran.Since the blog is now empty, this Newsday article recapping the blog material is your best bet.

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