A Letter To My Boys

This may be the perfect Christmas.

Lots has happened this year – some good, some bad – but in this season of spirituality we have our health, home, and happiness which is more than many others may have.

Your mother and I await the looks of wonderment, as we know you’re still just a little too young to comprehend it. For you Christmas is still magical and mystical. By next Christmas you will have wish lists and desire for recognizable toys. This year you’ll be delighted with anything, you’re just those kind of boys.

In the next few weeks you’ll be going away; away to your school for part of the day. The planets have aligned through a strange set of acts to give a short time for the four of us to play. It’s our final time to laugh and to play as change is approaching with each passing day. Soon your new brother will arrive on the scene and your parent’s attention will be split one more way.

In this festive season you gave us a gift better than any toy. Your magic has infused our life with joy, and soon we will use that to raise one more boy.

So marvel at the presents and play without care..

Your future awaits, but we’ll still be there.


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