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From the insanely bad ideas department…

(AP) – Fighting to shed a few pounds and control that waistline? For the soaring number of Americans who are becoming dangerously overweight, states and cities across the country want to help.

With the U.S. Surgeon General calling obesity an epidemic, legislators nationwide are offering measures to encourage healthy food choices and ban the worst temptations.

Under the laws that have passed, states will:

  • Test the BMI – body-mass index, a ratio of height to weight – of students in six Arkansas schools, and send results home. Pediatricians say regular tests like this should be performed nationwide to track children at risk of becoming obese.

  • Ban junk food from vending machines in California. New York City, in an administrative decision, banned hard candy, doughnuts, soda and salty chips from its vending machines.

  • Require physical education programs in Louisiana schools, and encourage it in Arkansas and Mississippi. Though once a staple, such daily classes are now only required by state law in Illinois; other states let local officials decide or require exercise less often.Read the whole article, there’s plenty more half baked ideas on legislators plates. Why address piddling issues like crime, debt, taxes, etc. when you can attempt to legislate personal choice…

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