Pick Your Poison

I saw this little number on the news wires…

BEIRUT (Reuters) – Lebanese Mohammed Jaber said he went to Iraq on a pilgrimage to Muslim holy sites, he ended up being “tortured” with loud rap music by U.S. troops suspicious he might be a foreign fighter against their occupation.

Jaber said an Iraqi taxi driver handed him and three friends over to U.S. troops for $100 each in April apiece as fighters for ousted Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. “They asked us why we were there and if we came to fight them. But we said we came only to visit the holy sites in Kerbala,” he told Reuters.

“They didn’t torture us physically but they did psychologically by raising the volume of rap music all day until it became unbearable and by withholding food,” he said.

But Jaber said he kept one secret from his captors, fearing the treatment could get worse. “I mean I like rap, just imagine them playing jazz.”That got me to wondering what would be the best music to psychologically crush the spirit of a captive?

I’m thinking Debby Boone singing You Light Up My Life, but I imagine that you’ve got a suggestion or two.

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