Bonfire Of The Vanities Reminder

Bonfire of the Vanities entries are due Monday by 9:00PM EST. E-Mail your lamest post of the week along with any self serving explanations for your suckiness (if so desired) to bonfire at

See last week’s Bonfire if the concept is new to you.

BREAKING NEWS: It’s time to get this show on the road! Starting with the Week 27 edition of the Bonfire I’m making this a rotating hosting gig. Sign up for any week you want by e-mail.

Week 25 (Dec. 23) – Wizbang
Week 26 (Dec. 30) – Wizbang (Six Month Aniversary)
Week 27 (Jan. 6) – Boots and Sabers
Week 28 (Jan. 13) – the evangelical outpost
Week 29 (Jan. 20) – One Fine Jay
Week 30 (Jan. 27) – Southern Musings
Week 31+ are available

Everybody Run, The Pageant Queen Has A Gun
Pyrrhic Victory