On Jacko

Michael Jackson is innocent until proven guilty of the charges filled against him yesterday.

Michael Jackson is a pedophile. The only reason he is not in jail is because he is very rich.

Lest anyone forget the 13 year old victim in 1993 accurately described discolorations on Jackson’s genitalia, later detailed in execution of a search warrant. Because the laws were slightly different then Jackson was able to settle the civil suit effectively derailing the criminal investigation.

So while he may well be found innocent of his current legal troubles, let there be no mistaking that Jackson used his money to buy his way out of the jam last time implicitly acknowledging that they had him dead to rights.

Polka dotted penis in the victims interview + polka dotted penis photographed during the police execution of a search warrant = pedophile.

Anyone else would probably have spent the last 10 years in prison.

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