International Law

Steven Den Beste captures the essence of the fallacy of transnationalism. The most telling quote from Steven:

For a long time now, transnationalists have been working to establish a world government. Their goal is nothing less than world conquest, but since they do not intend violent conquest, their means has been persuasion. What they hope is to create embryonic manifestations of world government and then to try to talk about them as if they were already established. If they can convince enough people (and the right people) that there even is such a thing as “international law”, then it becomes true.

So they push that idea by hiding it. When discussing a nation which refuses to go along with them, they talk about that nation as a scofflaw rather than openly acknowledging the philosophical disagreement about whether there even is such a thing as “international law”.It’s definitely a must read.

Transnationalism was dealt another blow last week when the EU, the model for new era transnationalism, could not agree on a constitution.

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