TiVo Alert: Survivor

Survivor fans who own TiVo’s need to remember that the interview special after the 2 hour season finale will NOT automatically record if you have a Season Pass to the series. Remember to tape the 1 hour show or add an extra hour to your scheduled recording. In the past the actual announcement has happened moments after the end of the regular Survivor episode, so you will be extra pissed if you forget to tape the reunion special.

My final two prediction:

Darrrah and Jon


It is worth noting that the pattern for previous winners has gone Rich, Tina, Evan, Vecepia, Brian, Jenna. If that pattern were to hold that would mean Jon and his not dead grandmother would be the big winners.

Update: Spoiler Alert! Do not read the extended entry if you have yet to see the final episode.

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In probably the worst decision made on Survivor since Colby took Tina to the final 2, Lill picked Sandra over Jon and deservedly got her ass handed to her.

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