Guns, Gays, God, And School Prayer

Howard Dean, the Democratic front runner is in for a long month. Take this Washington Post article article for example:

Some Dean supporters privately say Dean’s admonition for southerners to stop voting based on “guns, gays, God and school prayer” is offensive to many voters.

“Coming to the South during the church hour on a Sunday morning to tell southerners what they should believe is not the way to reach out to southern Democratic voters,” (John) Edwards said.What’s happening is that after months of inattention the media, other candidates, and Republicans are starting to listen to what Dean is and has been saying. To this point policy and stance-wise he’s pretty much said whatever he pleases with no one in the media fact checking his ass. Some blogs have taken the lead, of course, and now the media is catching up.

With the other 8 candidates desperately fighting to be the anti-Dean a lot of their attention and attacks will be on the front runner Dean as opposed to Bush. Mark it down Dean’s free wheeling style an shoot from the lips quotes are going to get him in real trouble.

Dean’s media honeymoon period is probably over as well. Face it these journalists are as gullible as people who believe Michael Jackson sleeps with little boys and nothing happens. The reporters sense a trend then rush to get in front of it. Soon it becomes the conventional wisdom that candidate X is the hot item, etc. These little media honeymoons can last a long time, but the journalists are tempestuous lovers who will turn on someone in a heartbeat. Eventually this turns 180 degrees with a rush to bury a candidate. The real question is whether Dean peaked too soon and if the media pack turns him darling into pariah.

Anyone remember Gary Hart? Didn’t think so.

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