Flu Season Is Upon Us

What this AP article fails to mention is even if you do manage to get a flu shot, you won’t be protected against the Fujian strain that is striking 2/3’s of patients.

ATLANTA (AP) – Federal officials said Thursday that the flu has hit hard in 24 states, nearly doubling the number since last week and including almost the entire Western half of the country.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the flu has hit all 50 states at least sporadically, and the season has not yet peaked nationally.
The early and intense outbreak in some Western states has swamped many hospitals with sick children and dried up vaccine supplies.

As far east as Ohio, several schools closed for the rest of the week because so many students are absent with the flu. At Madison Junior High School in Mansfield, 250 of 900 students were out sick Wednesday, principal Timothy Rupert said.Every week the of two 747’s full of people across the United States die from influenza.

The worst part is that scientists knew this strain was coming. It’s very likely that this Fujian strain of influenza will be kill many more people than SARS did, even if it’s mortality rates are very low as a percentage of overall cases. NewsMax has a story on the controversy about the existing vacine.

If you need me I’ll be at out stocking up on surgical face masks.

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