Demonstrations In Baghdad

Crowds Marching In IraqThe people marching in this photo are feed up and angry. They’ve taken to the streets of Baghdad.

What is it they are protesting?

Terrorism, biased coverage from the Arab media, the interference of neighbor countries, dictatorships, Wahhabism, the Ba’aath Party, and Saddam.

Don’t expect to see this on the evening news. It’s doesn’t fit the story line that the media wants you to buy into.

Click the picture to read the whole account at Healing Iraq.

Visit On the Third Hand where MommaBear is linking to a bunch of sites covering the rally.

Update: Tiger has a roundup of sites covering the story. He also now holds the honor of the first trackback blocked (Due to language in the title) by MT-Blacklist at Wizbang. The curse filter in place on comments here applies to trackbacks as well. As far as I can remember it’s only the F-word.

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