Howard Dean 2.0

This is a turning point for Dean. If he wants to get elected he’s going to have to turn his back on either the far left or the traditional moderate Democrats. Those that brung him to the dance are about to get jilted for a hotter date.

NEW YORK (AP) – Former Vice President Al Gore will endorse Howard Dean for the Democratic presidential nomination Tuesday, sources said, a dramatic move that could tighten Dean’s grip on the front-runner’s position and usher more support from wary party elite

Gore, who won the popular vote but lost the electoral vote in the disputed 2000 election, has agreed to appear with Dean in New York City’s Harlem neighborhood and then travel with the former Vermont governor to Iowa for a formal endorsement, several Democratic sources, including one close to Gore, said Monday.

The coveted endorsement is a breathtaking victory for a candidate whose anti-war, anti-establishment candidacy has given pause to party leaders and key constituencies, several Democratic strategists said.

“What this says is that all these Washington insiders who have been gnashing their teeth, wringing their hands and clinging to their cocktail cups can relax now. Dean’s been knighted by the ultimate insider,” said Democratic consultant Dean Strother of Washington. “It’s game, set and match. It’s over.”I’m sure the far left, who got him to where he is today, hoped that Dean 2.0 would not distance himself from previous incarnations of Dean (beta) and Dean 1.0. The reality is he can and will “forget” many of the tin foil hat brigade devotees and go mainstream.

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