One of the mini controversies around the 2003 Weblog Awards is in reference to the inclusion of a Best Female Authored Blog. I am guilty of not making a Best Male Authored Blog category. If you want to call that sexism go right ahead. If you want to think of it as a way to shine the spotlight on female bloggers I would encourage that.

But what I really wanted to respond to was this comment:

Well, when I looked at the nominations for “best overall blog” and saw that hate-mongering piece of crap, Little Green Footballs, was in there, I was suspicious.

You don’t have to agree with all of the choices. You’ll have an opportunity to vote for 19 other blogs in that category.

Then I saw that it’s sponsored by a conservative blogger.

So I can’t be fair? If I were a liberal blogger then everything would be all better? And where exactly have I injected my politics into the process?

The bad ecosystem categories are the product of another well-known conservative blogger.

NZ Bear is conservative? Hmmm. It’s a conspiracy, alert the media! He is not involved, but I did use his Ecosystem as the inspiration for categories where less known sites could compete against each other, rather than against InstaPundit. This is bad how?

There are no criteria for quality in the nominations, just whether someone bothered to nominate — it’s a formula for dittohead success

Finally they get to the point. The sheep of the blogosphere are not intelligent enough to do this properly – it must be controlled by people much smarter than you who will tell bloggers what they should like. See this post for a recap of last years Bloggies controversy. Thanks to somewhat more enlightened visitors blogs of all stripes have been nominated.

I must get back to work sifting through the nominations…

Update: Just to be clear – I think the discussion about the merits of the Best Female Authored Blog is interesting, and I’ve got no problem with any of the blog entries I’ve read via Ms Lauren’s post (including hers). My frustration was with the semi-asshatted comment. I didn’t expect that everyone would agree with every part of this endeavor, and I’ve found the discourse at all of the sites to be civil and thoughtful.

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