The Simple Life

There is a funny interview with Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie on the E! site where Norm McDonald comes up and asks Nicole Ritchie over and over again if she’s really black:

Norm: “Isn’t Lionel Richie a black guy?”
Paris: “She’s black!”
Nicole: “I am black!”
Norm: “You’re black?”

[..]as Nicole went on and started lamenting the “dumb crappy bars” of Arkansas, Norm struck again.

Norm: “Did you get in any trouble because you’re black?”
Nicole: “No! You’re so rude.”
Norm: “I thought hillbillies didn’t care for black people.”
Nicole: “They love me.”
Paris: “They love her.”
Norm: “Because you’re not black!”
Nicole: “Yes, I am black.”
Norm: “Is your mother black?”
Nicole: “Yes, she’s black. It’s not that the questions are funny, it’s that I’m watching The Simple Life, and both Paris and Nicole are ORANGE!

Nicole spent a lot of time when she was growing up with Michael Jackson at Neverland. It’s all so clear now… Jacko looks like a real pussy; maybe she had to go to the skin bleaching appointments with him.

It’s Hollywood. It could have happened that way…

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