Bonfire of the Vanities will be up later this evening.

I you are a big company that’s very interested in blogging feel free to contact me about sponsoring the 2003 Weblog Awards, BUT you must be willing to come up with prizes for the winners of the 20 categories (to include plaques or trophies in addition to cash or gift certificates). If you can’t meet that requirement don’t contact me with other ideas. I’m not trolling for sponsors – just trying to head off inquiries by raising the bar out of the reach of most. I figure a decent sponsorship would cost the sponsor a minimum of $1000 (of which I would get $0).

You can always purchase BlogAds at Wizbang. Prices for BlogAds at Wizbang are temporarily rising. After the contest they will return to their normal rock bottom bargain prices.

What A Surprise!
The Best Defense Is A Good Offense


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