Redistricting Struck Down

If this decision stands it could have major implications for the 2004 elections. I’ve always viewed these non decennial attempts at redistricting with a suspicious eye, evidently for good reason.

In a decision with national implications, the Colorado Supreme Court threw out the state’s new congressional districts Monday saying the GOP-led Legislature redrew the maps in violation of the state constitution.

The General Assembly is required to redraw the maps only after each Census and before the ensuing general election — not at any other time, the court said in a closely watched 5-2 decision that followed party lines. A similar court battle is being waged in Texas.

Under the ruling, Colorado’s seven congressional districts revert to boundaries drawn up by a Denver judge last year after lawmakers failed to agree.

The issue before the court was whether the redistricting map pushed through the Legislature by Republicans this year was illegal. Colorado’s constitution calls for redistricting only once a decade and Democrats contended that task was completed by the judge.

Read the whole San Francisco Chronicle article.

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