Cash In Some Frequent Flier Miles

Ever wonder what to do with the throw away miles you have on some airlines? This is the time of year that most programs send out miles for subscription offers. Top tier magazines can be had for a few hundred miles up to 1000+ miles. At our house we get The Wall Street Journal, Time, Entertainment Weekly, Wired, Sports Illustrated, ESPN The Magazine, PC World, and variety of fashion magazines.

We haven’t paid of a subscription in 3 years.

Jealous? Open the junk mail your FFB programs send you and look for the magazine subscription options. I subscribe via programs that I have no hope of accumulating enough miles in for free flights. You can also order online through many FFB sites. Magazines for Miles has a decent choice of subscriptions available to Delta, Northwest, Continental, US Airways, America West, Midwest, and Hawaiian FFB members.

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