A while back I set out to do a little blog navel gazing and one of the sites I went to check my stats was I love the service and upgraded to a paid membership a few weeks after I first used the service.

I had always noted a link called Top 100 at That page shows the 100 most linked to sites that use the service. A quick look indicated I wasn’t in the list, so I moved on. I checked back a few weeks later but I still wasn’t in the list. The next time I visited I checked the number of links on the number 100 entry, then did a search on my site and found that I had more links than that #100 entry. I checked more entries and found that I should be in the top 50’s or 60’s at any given time. I sent off a note to Jason a few weeks ago, but fixing the list was probably not high on the priority list.

Anyway I’m supposed to be right behind LGF and ahead of Anil Dash on the current list.

60. Little Green Footballs
60.5. Wizbang
61. Anil Dash

For some reason I really want to be on that list…

Bonfire Of The Vanities Reminder
Intellectual Honesty


  1. Jim November 16, 2003
  2. Laurence Simon November 16, 2003
  3. michele November 16, 2003