Permaroll Contest Update

As of Saturday the Permaroll Contest is going offline for a few days while I think of a new angle. I’ll add this weeks winner (the site with the most Ecosystem links to Wizbang) to the Permaroll based on Friday’s links. That means you have today to get in the game. The blog with the most inbound links to Wizbang as noted in the Ecosystem, gets a spot on the Permaroll (on the left sidebar).

With the addition of BlogAds to the site, I’ve deceided that I’ll up the stakes and give away one free week of an ad for your blog that will run here at Wizbang. Since the stakes have been raised I am going to change the competition; that’s what I need to think through. What ever it becomes, it will still be easy to enter and compete, and open to all blogs…

Wake Up And Smell The Maple Nut Crunch!


  1. John Hawkins November 14, 2003
  2. Kevin November 15, 2003