Morning Reads

I spent the morning gossiping with, as Allah puts it, “Gawker lady”- better known as Choire Sicha (ed: That sounded funnier when I first typed it… Choire is not actually a lady, he’s a man)… While I shuffle through ideas and e-mail here’s some items you may have missed:

Wanted Lt. Governor, No Experience Necessary

Here is a pretty ho hum “guess how many of your co-workers got shitcanned today” memo. The problem was it went out a little early. Usually you want to wait until after you fire and send them packing to send the obit memo…

Sean has the info you need for your fantasy football fix, in Freaks Of The Week.

If Gen. Clark is trying to whip up the rabid left and grass rooters, supporting a constitutional amedment against flag burning is not going to go over too well with the faithful.

Why I Gave In...
The ACME Guide To Women


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