Blog Chicks Pix – Armed And Dangerous

Frequent Outside The Beltway commenter, Katewerk, left a link to her well armed picture in the comments to James’ post on the “affair du tiot“. I imagine there are others floating around, but some quick searches of the usual suspects came up empty.

Since it’s the least serious day of the week (Friday), let’s see those pictures of female bloggers with their favorite “maleness” toys – be that guns, hot rods, motorcycles, swords, heavy machinery, etc.

Leave a link and I’ll update the list.

Note: So far I have as many pictures of female bloggers and their *ahem* power tools pictures (Dawn Olsen) as I do of blog chicks with weapons. Both are armed and dangerous…

Update: Other “tools” take the lead. Here is the story behind this picture…

The Capitalist Chicks seem to have laid down their weapons for this duck hunt.

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  1. James Joyner November 7, 2003
  2. James Joyner November 7, 2003
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