Protecting Your Right To Make An Ass Of Yourself…

The right to be a dork in front of your classmates is exactly what the framers of the Constitution had in mind.

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) – Young Republicans can topple Saddam Hussein and Christian athletes can let Jesus rock their night away at the homecoming parade after high school officials agreed Wednesday to let their floats roll.

After officials at Dr. Phillips High School raised concerns earlier this week that the floats might offend some people, the students involved contacted the Liberty Counsel, an Orlando-based conservative civil liberties legal group.

“Schools cannot censor the message just because they disagree with the message,” said Mathew Stover, president and general counsel of the Liberty Counsel.


The Young Republicans Club plans to have students in black T-shirts with the word “Evil” bowing before a statue of Saddam. Other students in club T-shirts plan to chase the “Evil” students away with silly string, then topple the statue.

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes plans a float urging students to “Let Jesus Rock Your Night Away,” in which students will tear up signs with the words “sex,””suicide,””depression” and “drugs.”

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